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In 2007, Dutchess County REALTORS felt the need for an organization that would enrich the local industry  enrich the local real estate industry through training,  education and networking.  The decision was easy.  They met with the New York State WCR President , Jim Rood to form a chapter in our community.  It was at this time that our WCR Dutchess County Chapter was established.  The founding members, Kim Marie Mullin, Kelly Campbell, Charlotte Edwards, Frances Chiu, Nancy Martinelli & Dawne Salamone worked tirelessly to achieve the goals & mission in which Women’s Council of Realtors stands for.   PAST PRESIDENTS   2008  Kim Marie Mullin 2009  Kim Marie Mullin 2010  Kelly Campbell 2011  Charlotte Edwards 2012  Frances Chiu 2013  Dawne Salamone 2014  Nancy Martinelli & Melissa Pettinella 2015  Lisa Mannion 2016  Angela Ingham 2015 Affiliate of the Year            Mary Ann Fuller Members of  the Year        Barbara Weist & Celie Kustas Entrepreneur of the Year   Debbie Allan  2014 Affiliate of the Year              Jessica Schoen Members of  the Year          Isabel Alves Entrepreneur of the Year     Laurie Webber 2013 Affiliate of the Year:             Sandy Tambone Members of  the Year:         Angela Ingham Entrepreneur of the Year:    Lisa Mannion 2012 Affiliate of the Year:          Jamie Hogan Members of  the Year:      Barbara Novak  &  Aggie Pon Entrepreneur of the Year: Dianne Minogue 2011  Affiliates of the Year:           Nancy Hamilton &  Michael Secor Member of  the Year:          Nancy Pontillo Entrepeneur of the Year:    Renee Revson  2010  Affiliate of the Year:          Jim  McKeever Member of  the Year:        Laurie  Webber Entrepeneur of the Year:  Tom  Grimes Service Award:                 Emily Craig Humanitarian Award :       Kimberlee  Markarian 2009  Affiliate of the Year:          Mary Ann Fuller Member  Of the Year:       Nancy Martinelli Entrepeneur of the Year:  Cathy Temple I
Past Presidents Information
Kelly Campbell
Charlotte Edwards
 Lisa Mannion            Angela Ingham
Dawne Salamone
Nancy Martinelli
Kim Marie Mullin
Melissa Pettinella
Frances Chiu
Past Presidents Information
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